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A Brief Introduction to HUHST
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A Brief Introduction to HUHST

Hunan University of Humanities Science and Technology is located at Loudi, Hunan province. With beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, rich natural resources, convenient transportation, three freeways plus a high-speed railway across the city and only half an hour commute to the provincial capital city Changsha, Loudi as a national garden city, is one of the most livable cities in our country. Loudi is rich in tourism resources: there are green pearl Bear Mountain National Forest Park, and Asia's most beautiful Geological Museum Park - Meishan Dragon Palace, together with rice culture miracle, Ziquejie Terrace, plus a thrilling journey: Oil River rafting. It is the hometown of Chi You, the birthplace of Meishan culture. Many outstanding figures grew up here, for example, the prime minister Jiang Wan of the Post-Shu regime during the three kingdoms period, the key official Zeng Guofan in the late Qing Dynasty who created the era known as the Tongzhi Restoration, and the famous diplomat Ceng Jize in the late Qing Dynasty, let alone to say a large number of revolutionary pioneers and patriotic generals.

Hunan University of Humanities Science and Technology was founded in 1978 and has been approved by the Ministry of Education as a provincial comprehensive public undergraduate university. Undergraduate education is the main focus of our school. Besides, we provide professional master's degree programs for a few selected majors. Our university has 15 colleges, 50 undergraduate programs, arranging from Arts, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Education, Economics and Management, Law, to Agriculture. Currently there are more than 16000 full-time students enrolled, with more than 1200 faculty and staff members.

After nearly 40 years of development, the school has built up its strengths and features in the aspects of talent development scheme, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and so on. Pesticide science, computer application technology, management science, materials science are our featured disciplines. The 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of Weed prevention and control technology received key support from Hunan Province, with constructional funds of 10 million yuan. The corresponding scientific research based at our school won the national science and technology Invention Award (2nd Prize). With great strength in the directional movement and the Dragon Lion Sport, we have achieved excellent results in national-level competitions every year. Our students excel in the mathematical modeling, electronic design, English speech contest and the Challenge Cup innovation contest: we have won the national first prize for many times. We are the first one in Hunan province who provides undergraduate major in Calligraphy. In addition, our school has distinctive features in the research of regional culture with great achievements.

As for the future development of our university, we shall establish a system embedded into regional industrial development through comprehensive implementation of transformation and development, focusing on the layout of seven professional groups. That is, the education professional group, the electronic information professional group, machinery manufacturing professional group, new materials professional group, modern agriculture professional group, culture and arts specialty group and modern service industry professional group.

Furthermore, we shall revolutionize the concept of education in multiple aspects. First of all, we shall establish the mechanism of cooperative governance that allows industrial enterprises to participate in. Besides, we shall establish the professional system and the system of applied technology disciplines. We will actively construct the paradigm of cultivating talents aiming for practice. Also, we shall strive to create a team of teachers capable to perform theory-oriented and practice-oriented teaching and strengthen the construction of practice-centered teaching platform. We will strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship education program, promote the application of technological innovation, and advance our capability in social services. We shall launch the continuing education program to train technical personnel who will be engaged in front-line production and management. Moreover, we shall be actively engaged in international cooperation in higher education. With the focus of improving our competence of serving the regional economic and social development, and elevating the quality of practice-oriented talent development scheme, we shall build our university into one that is a practice-oriented and technically advanced, high-standard, regional university.

We have launched programs of international exchange with many universities abroad. With respect to teaching, scientific research, exchange of teachers and students etc., we have established long-term, stable, and cooperative relationship with universities in the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, India, New Zealand, Malaysia and other countries.

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