Office of Logistics Infrastructure
Office of Logistics Infrastructure

The duties of Logistical Infrastructure Department:the logistical infrastructure in the Institute under the leadership of partycommittees and administrative, is responsible for the whole school campusinfrastructure management. The work responsibilities are as follows:

1.Responsible for the preparation andimplementation of the school campus planning.

2.Responsible for the school's infrastructureinvestment plan development and implementation; responsible for thepreparation, reporting and implementation of infrastructure annual investmentplan.

3.Before the completion of the project, we startedall approval procedures, including the approval of the Municipal PlanningBureau, civil defense, fire protection, environmental protection, municipal,tender, quality supervision, mine contract management

4. According to the "Hunan University ofHumanities Science and Technology Infrastructure Maintenance ManagementMeasures, the bidding organization of the implementation of infrastructureconstruction units, supervision units, large equipment, construction materialshare the price and recognize the quality of the work.

5.Responsible for supervising and managing theconstruction, construction units, supervision units, supervision andmanagement, and coordinating with the above units and design units, socialfunctions, peripheral units.
6.Responsible for infrastructure projects and related materials statistics andreported to work.

7.With the Finance Office for infrastructureprocurement and payment, clearing and final accounts; with audits at theproject settlement audit, audit work.

8. Responsible for the final acceptance of theproject work.

9. Responsible for engineering maintenancemanagement during the warranty period.

10. Responsible for the completion of datacollation and archiving.

11. On behalf of the school, to supervise andmanage the Logistical Corporation.

12. To complete other tasks assigned by theInstitute.

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