Office of Quality Monitoring and Development Planning
Office of Quality Monitoring and Development Planning

Under the university leading group of evaluation and construction, in charge of the university’s evaluation and construction including the overall planning, monitoring and supervision, organizational coordination, publicity, information analysis, material collection, etc. Its main responsibilities are as follows:

•To formulate the general planning and phased work scheme for the universitys evaluation & construction according to the relevant teaching evaluation plan issued by the education authorities;

• To decompose and implement every evaluation task according to the evaluation index system;

• To make regulations, observe strict disciplines, standardize the working process, and promote the evaluation and construction work of the university solidly and orderly;

• To establish a quality supervisory mechanism for evaluation combined with the evaluation indexes, formulate implementation measures for the evaluation and construction work, and organize and undertake related on-campus monitoring, supervision and evaluation work;

• To collect and classify the material of self-appraisal, re-evaluation, expert previews and rectification proposals, to report it to the leading group, and to organize the rectification;

• To collect and classify all kinds of material required for evaluation, and to write rectification reports and self-appraisal reports of the university at each stage of the evaluation process;

•To edit and publish the “Evaluation and Construction Bulletin”, and to organize the study of evaluation-related knowledge and the publicity of evaluation and construction work;

•To work out annual quality reports on undergraduate teaching;

•To organize the final examination for each term and the sampling inspection of the make-up examination papers;

•To organize the plagiarism check and the sampling inspection of each student’s graduation dissertation ( design ) per year;

•To collect, classify and report the data of the general conditions of undergraduate teaching for each year;

• To do other work related to the evaluation, construction and teaching quality supervision.

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