Office of Scientific Research
Office of Scientific Research

Office of Scientific Research is responsible forthe following work:

(1) coordinating, organizing and managingscientific research work of the university

(2) making plans for the scientific researchdevelopment, making policies, regulations and measures to promote scientificresearch development of the university

(3) organizing applications for scientific researchprojects, managing and assessing the granted projects

(4) organizing applications for prizes ofscientific research and managing the prize money

(5) making plans for key disciplines, managing andbuilding them

(6) managing key laboratories, key provincialresearch base of social science

(7) choosing, evaluating and managing academicresearch leaders

(8) keeping safe confidential informationconcerning scientific research

(9) protecting intellectual property, managing andtransforming patents and research achievement, and managing joint projects of“Industry-University-Research”

(10) organizing joint technology development withother organizations and promoting research partnership with local governmentand enterprises

(11) managing scientific research funds andpromoting scientific research exchanges with domestic and foreign organizations

(12) dealing with statistics on scientific research

(13) managing MeishanCultureResearchCenter

(14) finishing other possible work assigned by theauthorities


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Office of Scientific Research

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