Office of Supervision and Discipline
Office of Supervision and Discipline

Coordination of anti-corruption work to uphold theConstitution and other Party regulations, check the implementation of theParty's line, principles, policies and resolutions, to assist the partycommittees to strengthen the party's work style building and organization.

Scope of work:

Often the members need to comply with disciplineeducation, make a decision on the maintenance of discipline; the leading cadreto the Party member to exercise the power of supervision; inspection andhandling of Party organizations and Party members in violation of the Partyconstitution and other regulations of the Party's more important or complicatedcases, decisions or cancel on those cases in which the members of thesanctions; acceptance of Party members accusation and complaint; protection ofthe rights of Party members. The treatment is particularly important orcomplicated cases and problems in the processing of the results, to the Partycommittee at the corresponding level report. At the same time, the Commissionfor discipline inspection is to report to the superior. If found that the Partycommittee has violated Party discipline behavior, to make a preliminaryverification, if registration is required to check, shall be reported to theParty committee approved, involving the Standing Committee, the partycommittees at the corresponding levels after the newspaper report of acommission for Discipline Inspection approval.

Office ofDiscipline Inspection

Monitor is the school-site monitoring body which isresponsible for monitoring the work of the school administrative departmentsunder the leadership of the Commission for Discipline Inspection in accordancewith national laws, regulations, policies, and command the exercise offunctions and powers of administrative supervision. Monitor objects are theschool administrative departments and administrative cadre and the schoolappointed other administrator.

Scope of work:

Object of the supervision and inspection is tomonitor the implementation of national laws, regulations, policies and schoolresolution, decisions, regulations, processing monitor objects in violation ofnational laws, regulations, policies and administrative discipline behavior tocorrect unhealthy tendencies; handling monitor objects violated administrativediscipline. behavior of the accused, charged with protection of the legitimaterights of the informants; admissibility of monitoring the object of privateprosecution, the complainant, the protection of the legitimate rights andinterests of the monitoring object; guidance, checks monitor the work of thevarious units of the school, to assist school leaders and relevant departmentsto monitor the object, abide by the law, perform their duties, and maintainincorruptible government education.

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