The Trade Union
The Trade Union of HUHST

The Trade Union of HUHST is an agency for managing the affairs concerning the interests and welfare ofuniversity staff. In addition, it is responsible for coordinating or organizingthe welfare activities which are open to each of the university staff.

The main functions of the Union are as follows:

1. Responsible for implementing Party and statepolicies and guidelines governing labor union work, and for researching,formulating, organizing and implementing work plans for the educationalworker’s union.

2. Lead grass-roots trade unions to employdemocratic management systems, and monitor and inspect educational workers’labor, safety, sanitation and protection conditions in the areas of teachingand scientific research so as to mediate labor relations in accordance with thelaw.

3. Assist relevant departments in managing theeducational staff’s welfare and social security so as to safeguard their legalrights and interests.

4. Responsible for organizing and instructing thestaff about how to hold education and teaching competitions, introducetechnological innovations, solicit reasonable suggestions, and conduct publicscience and technology activities for the staff.

5. Responsible for recommending, selecting andmanaging “model workers”, “outstanding workers” and “advanced teams”.

6. Responsible for guiding grass-roots trade unionsin carrying out various activities related to ideological, political, culturaland technological education as well as holding recreation and athleticactivities.

7. Responsible for managing, certifying andauditing the dues and assets of the labor union university wide, and for givingguidance in the construction of labor union organizations and in the trainingand education of labor union cadres.

8. Responsible for developing an affiliation withlabor unions of other countries and regions.

9. Responsible for accomplishing other tasksentrusted to them by the university and the Hainan Provincial EducationalWorkers’Union.

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