School of Continuing Education
School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education was founded in June 2011, with the amalgamation of the former School of Continuing Education and Office of Continuing Education. Currently, there are many programs offered in the School, including full-time vocational and technical education, adult higher education, self-taught higher education, on-the-job graduate education, occupation skill appraisal, cooperative running schools by HUHST and enterprises, short-time training, etc. These programs are operated well under the cooperation of six branches within the school, which are the general office, office of admissions and employment, office of teaching services, office of school register management, office of students’ management, office of training. There are 34 faculty members, including 24 administrative staff and10 full-time teachers, are contributing excellent services in admission, management and educational research. Now, the total enrollment of the school is 7800 or so students, including 1500 or so students in self-taught education, 800 or so students in vocational education.

The school has been seeking a new strategy, which is oriented toward fulfilling market needs, to provide professionally and administratively orientated courses to ensure that all kinds of requirements from different students should be fulfilled.

The programs we offer rely on abundant predominant subjects and teaching staff, meet the demand for social development, adjust specialized structure and continually advance administrative abilities, normalize teaching standards and optimize teaching environment. By unremitting effort, the program has evolved a new pattern that highlights talents at an undergraduate level. They offer a variety of education, including further education, focusing on the job training and learning style, and aiming at serving for the society as well as educating for a life time. The programs seek outer education resources to share, and have established new-style regional cooperation. The programs gradually construct further education system at different levels and specifications, which have brought up various talents for regional economic development and display extensive social self-identity.

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