School of Foreign Languages
School of Foreign Languages

The school currently has 1,082 full-time students, 84 full-time faculty members and 4 part-time teachers, including 3 professors (include part-time professors), 19 associate professors, 63 Mater-degree holders and 4 foreign teachers. Among them, there are 2 Provincial Backbone Young Teachers, 1 Provincial Excellent Teacher, 1 Provincial Teaching Expert, 1 Municipal Excellent Teacher, 2 of Top10 Campus Teachers, 2 elected in Municipal and Provincial Talent Plan, and 2 professional experts. The faculty is well-organized, with strong abilities in teaching and scientific research.

The school has well-equipped teaching facilities: 10 language labs, 2 computer rooms, 1 simultaneous interpretation room, more than 30 multi-media classrooms, 1 foreign language reference room and 1 SYB(Start Your Business) Training room. In recent three years, students have made great achievements in Postgraduate Entrance Exams, TEM (Test for English Majors) 4 and TEM8, College Students’ English Knowledge Competition and College Students' English Speech Contest. The employment rate of graduates reaches to 95%. Every year, the school is authorized to organize the oral test of PETS (Public English Test System) of Loudi City. The school has also completed the National Training Plan from 2011 to 2013 to take the teaching training and teaching management of backbone junior English teachers from rural areas. The school has won the prize of advanced unit of subproject implement of junior middle school English, the prize of advanced unit of substituted post exercitation of normal university students, and the prize of advanced unit of practical work about shadow teachers, which were awarded by Hunan Educational Department.

Undergraduate programs:

English, Business English

One diploma program: English Education

Main required courses for undergraduate programs:

English:Audio-visual English, Reading, Writing, Integrated English, Advanced English, Phonetics, Grammar, Cross-culture Reading; Modern Linguistics, British and American Literature, Translation Theory and Practice, and courses relate to English Language Teaching and Foreign Tourism, Japanese/French, etc.

Business English: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Phonetics, Grammar, Writing, Comprehensive Business English, Advanced Business English, International Business Negotiation, Business English Interpretation, Business English Translation, Business English Writing, International Trade Practice, Japanese/French, etc.

English Education: Integrated English, Advanced English, Listening, Phonetics, Speaking, English Audio-visual, Reading, Writing, English Teaching Methodology, A Practical Training Course of English Teaching Techniques, Grammar, C-E Translation, Japanese/French, etc.  

Contact Information:

Telephone: 0738-8325095

ADDRESS: Dixing Road, Loudi City, Hunan Province, China | ZIPCODE: 417000 | TEL: 0738-8370207 | FAX: 0738-8376006

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