School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Having conducted detailed investigation and research, the university authorities decided to set up the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship which was finally established in January 2016. The construction of this school was included in the 13th Five-Year Plan of our universality as a key project. It will serve as a talent cultivation base for high quality innovation and entrepreneurship.

I. The duties of the school mainly concern the following:

To undertake reform in innovation and entrepreneurship education, boost integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education with professional education, and explore new cultivation mode of talents of innovation and entrepreneurship

To organize and give guidance on innovation and entrepreneurship for other schools

To construct courses concerning innovation and entrepreneurship education and train relevant teachers

To set up classes for potential innovation and entrepreneurship elites and collaborate with enterprises to set up target training classes of entrepreneurship

To represent the university to strengthen cooperation with local governments, enterprises, and other social sectors and undertake innovation and entrepreneurship training for governments and enterprises

To organize science and technology innovation festivals and various innovation and entrepreneurship competitions

To operate and manage the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park and maker space; build practice bases where projects of innovation and entrepreneurship will be incubated.

II. Organization

The School deals with teaching of innovation and entrepreneurship, organizing entrepreneurial practice and related competitions. It has the duties of both administration and teaching. Leaders of the School include 1 dean, 1 secretary and 2 vice deans. It consists of an office, a Teaching Service Center, a Project Promotion and Incubation Center, an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Center and a Student Service Center.

III. Main Responsibilities

The School aims to cultivate high-quality talents of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is responsible for making the general plan for and organizing innovation and entrepreneurship education and practice of our university. Its major responsibilities include building general courses of entrepreneurship education, organizing lectures on entrepreneurship education, offering entrepreneurship training, organizing innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, promoting training of simulated entrepreneurship projects, training teaching staff of entrepreneurship, building practice bases for innovation and entrepreneurship, incubating entrepreneurship projects, assessing credits of innovation and entrepreneurship. The detailed responsibilities are as follows:

1. Making plan with the Office of Teaching Affairs for innovation and entrepreneurship education and making the implementation plan;

2. Conducting research into innovation and entrepreneurship, building general courses of innovation and entrepreneurship, training teaching staff and undertaking teaching work of entrepreneurship;

3. Making teaching plans and offering tailored educational service for superior students (including setting up classes for elites);

4. Organizing innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and evaluating the work of innovation and entrepreneurship of other schools of our university;

5. Operating and managing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, maker space, and Entrepreneurship Incubation Park;

6. Representing the university to cooperate with local governments and enterprises;

7. Taking part in the construction and management of Loudi Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship;

8. Undertaking innovation and entrepreneurship training for governments;

9. Constructing university innovation and entrepreneurship practice demonstration base;

10. Applying for and assessing projects of innovation and entrepreneurship and cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship teams.

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