School of Music and Dance
School of Music and Dance

After 14 years the School of Music and Dance has now developed into a school with 71 staff members. Among the full-time teachers, there are 3 professors, 2 contracted professors, 713 associate professors, 37 masters, 2 Provincial Yong Backbone Teachers, 3 being members of the Chinese Musicians Association, 30 being members of Hunan Musicians Association.

The school offers 3 undergraduate programs, namely musicology, dance choreography, and dance performance. Under the program of musicology there are five sub-programs, namely vocal performance and vocal pedagogy, piano performance and piano pedagogy, instrumental performance and instrumental pedagogy, composition and theories of composition techniques and music education. Under the program of dance there are two sub-programs, namely Chinese dance and dance education. There are six teaching and research sections including the Theory Section, Vocal Music Section, Piano Section, Instrumental Music Section, Dance Section and Dance Choreography Section.

Regarding the fixed assets, there are two buildings specifically built for the school with the floor area for teaching being over 20,000 m2. There is a well-equipped concert hall and a lecture hall, 2 stereoscopic appreciation rooms, 3 digital piano classrooms, 7 dance rehearsal rooms, over 200 piano rooms, over 200 orchestral instruments, 7 dance rooms, 3electric piano rooms, 1 modern MIDI classroom, 1 reference room and 1 musical workstation. There are nearly 10,000 books and 5,000 discs pertaining to music and dance in the library. The campus area networks interconnect classrooms and offices. Other teaching equipment such as video cameras, computers, recording devices can fully meet the needs of teaching.

The faculty of the school is strong in scientific research and has achieved many accomplishments. During the recent 5 years, 10 monographs, and over 200 scientific research papers have been published. 11 provincial research projects and 30 university research projects have been undertaken. Some teachers have participated in 12 national research projects, 13 provincial research projects and 30 university research projects..

Brilliant achievements have been attained in art practice. The music composed for one TV drama won a national award; a song won an award conferred by the Chinese Light Music Association. The dance Children, Catch Your Teacher’s Hands won the bronze award and “Excellent Organization”award in The 6th National “Lotus Cup” Dance Competition in 2008. 7-people group singing won first prize in the competition organized by the Revolution Song Association of Hunan Higher Education in 2009. Awards were won in International Wind Folk Instruments Playing Competition for 3 years in succession. Several awards were won in the 6th Basic Skills Contest of College Students of Music Education in Hunan. Living Eyes, Meishan Fire and Warning Bell all won first prize in the Dance Competition of the 3rd College Student Art Festival of Hunan in 2011. The dance drama Impression of Meishan was rehearsed in 2011. Poor Noodle Vendor and Beauty Walking on a Rainy Autumn Day won “Excellent Performance” Award and 3rd prize of choreography in the 9th National Dance Competition. In addition, Professor Liang Jinping’s vocal instruction and research into folk songs, Professor Chen Zhengnan’s study of vocal instruction and Associate Professor Yan Hanxiao’s study of holistic dance training have exerted strong influence and drawn experts attention in China.

Taking into account the concept of “Emphasizing practice as well as mastering theory and linking classroom to society”, the school is improving the mode of education and striving to reform the course system and teaching methodology so as to improve teaching quality. In recent years, the school has undertaken 2 provincial teaching reform projects and 7university teaching reform projects. Textbooks such as College Music, Dialectical Study of Music and Art have been complied and are widely used by college students of Hunan. 8 other textbooks have been co-authored. Graduates of the school are very popular in the job market with the initial employment rate being 85% and the final employment rate over 95%.

Undergraduate programs:

Musicology; Dance; Choreography

Main required courses for undergraduate programs:

Musicology: Music, Visual singing and practice, harmony and analysis, music style and composition, piano accompaniment, chorus ensemble and conduct, instrumental ensemble, history of Sino-western music, etc.

Dance: Classical Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Ethnic Folk Dance, Choreography Techniques, Chinese Dance History, Foreign Dance History, Appreciation of Dance Works, Overview of Dancing Art, etc.

Choreography: Basic Training of Classical Dance, Basic Training of Ballet, Basic Training of Modern Dance, Ethnic Folk Dance, Motion Analysis and Choreography, Dance Teaching Method, Introduction to Dance Art, etc.

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