Internet Network Information Center
Internet NetworkInformation Center

Internet NetworkInformation Center

The Internet Network Information Center of HUHSTwas founded in 2005. Affiliated to the President’s Office, the Center has 4full-time staff members among whom 1 is director, and 1 is section chief. Allthe 4 staff members have master’s degrees. The main responsibilities of theCenter are as follows:

1. To direct the information work of the university

2. To construct and maintain the campus internetnetwork

3. To construct and maintain digital campus

Basic information of the campus internet network ofHUHST:

The campus internet network of HUHST was set up in1997. The length of optical fiber cable reaches 39880 meters so that all thebuildings on campus have installed wired network. The university has 1 room ofinternet network hub, 1 data room, 1 disaster recovery room and 1 service room.The university mainly use equipment produced by Huawei and Lenovo to constructnetwork. The university now has 4 network gateways. The internet band widthtotals 3.7 Gbps and network users amount to 10000 people.

Contact Information:

Network maintenance for students and apartmentbuildings: 0738-8918193, 8918195

Network maintenance for administration buildings:0738-89181878918189

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