Logistics Service Company
Logistics ServiceCompany

Founded in 2001, the Logistics Service Company ofHunan University of Humanity Science and Technology owns 10 divisions, i.e. theGeneral Division, the Financial Division, the Catering Center, the CampusEnvironmental Management Center, the Utilities Service Center, the TextbookSupply Center, Building Maintenance Center, Economic Development Company,Haiyuan Real Estate Office, United Out-patient Division. The company now has astaff of 96, and 239 contract workers.

Under the leadership of the University Council, thecompany sticks to the principle of “serving three subjects, and achieving twoobjectives” (three subjects: education, scientific research, all the studentsand faculty; two objectives: educating people by serving all the students andfaculty and managing the campus); upholds the managing idea of developing byreform, surviving by providing high-quality service, getting benefits by goodmanagement, getting support by contribution and follows the managerial patternof modern enterprise that is characterized by self-running,independent–accounting, financial self-responsibility, and scientificdevelopment. As a result of its constant deepening of reform, strengthening ofmanagement, improvement of service, high-quality service to students andfaculty, the company has made a huge social and economic profit. It has earnedmany honors (for example: Advanced Logistics Service Company of Hunan Province)for its outstanding performance in management, and has made great contributionsto the development and the construction of the university.

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Logistics Service Company, Hunan University ofHumanities, Science and Technology, Dixing Rd. Loudi City, Hunan, China,417000

Tel: 0738-8370948

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